About the Artist

Russell Coburn is a gifted potter who began making his first high-fired pots during his Junior year at Boulder High School in 1968. He then went on to study pottery at Lewis & Clark College in Oregon and UNC in Colorado before opening a studio in New Mexico and being invited to show in some prestigious Santa Fe galleries. Furthering his education with undergraduate and graduate studies in Ceramics and Archaeology at CU, he gained expertise in the early cultures of the Southwest and around the world, providing him valuable information about prehistoric ceramics.

Throughout the time he developed as a potter, Coburn studied under such greats as Ken Shores, Toshiko Takaezu, Herb Schumacher and Betty Woodman. His fascination also led him to travel to museums and ancient kiln sites in China, Mexico and the UK. Particularly influential to his artistic style is the pottery of the Song and Yuan Dynasties and Medieval Europe. His work is described as “International Historical.” He keeps contact with other great and well-known potters across the globe.

Of his work Coburn says, “I hope I’ll never stop being a student, never stop learning, never stop getting better expressing through the clay, the glazes, the Self.”

Contact us for more information or to set an appointment to see the Gallery in Longmont, CO. Email: info@coburnstudio.com.

Below Top: Russ at the Tor of Glastonbury, 2012
Below Middle: Russ at his studio in Galisteo, NM, 1974

Bottom: Holding large vase with clay "teardrop" embellishment

Russ Coburn in Galisteo, NM, 1974